Good bye for all!

Hello everybody! I like to thank you for all teams for your great work in this beautiful and interesting project. I hope we have learned more to each other and of course I hope we keep the beautiful memories of each other! Thank you Isabelle for inviting me to this project where I met beautiful people and prepared to face many challenges! Have a nice summer and a pleasant holiday for you and your students! Good bye for all! P1180779 P1170235P1180832

Computer games, Hans and Georg (Germany)

League of Legends (LoL)
is a multiplayer-online-battle-arena game (MOBA) and free to play.
It is published and developed by “RIOT GAMES” for Microsoft Windows and MAC OS X.
LoL was announced 7th Octobre 2008 and released on 27th Octobre 2009. The director is Tom Dacweller, the producers are Steven Snow and Travis George and the designers are Christina Norman, Rob Garrett and Steve Feak.
In League of Legends you are able to reach Level 30 and play in different divisions.
You chose one of the 119 different champions and play with four other players in your team against 5 other players in the enemy team or three vs. three. Your goal is to destroy the enemy “Nexus”, the main base of every team. They are different kinds of champions: the tank or the fighter on top-lane, the mage or the assassin on the mid-lane, the jungler in the jungle, and the marksman and the supporter on the bot-lane.
Over 67 million people per month and over 27 million per day play LoL.
The consequence is that League of Legends is the most played game in the internet.

Arma 2 – Dayz
is a multiplayer game which is situated in a zombie apocalypse. The modification is based on the game Arma 2 which was released on the 29th may in 2009. The developer is Bohemia Interactive.
The game simulates the zombie apocalypse. You need to loot your own food and clothes. There is also a great tender of weapons and ammunition. You can drive cars and build your own base with the material you find. You need weapons and food to survive the apocalypse. But there is no ending so that you need to loot all the time. The main goal is to survive. You have the possibility to play as a bandit and kill other player and take their loot or to play as a hero and help others with medical stuff or protection against the zombies. There are some other mods for the game Dayz which edit new things like special vehicles and a building system.

Computer games, Flo (Germany)

FIFA 14 is a football simulation video game developed by “EA Canada”. It was published by “Electronic Arts” in September 2013. The FIFA football fascination has no age lamination. You can play the newest part of sport simulation on these platforms: – PS3, Xbox 360, PC, iPad, iPhone, Android, PSP, PS Vita, PS2, Wii, and 3DS
On the one hand you can play In FIFA 14 the new Ultimate Team mode online with new features like the “Ignite Engine” which make the players more intelligent and game more liquid. On the other hand you can play a new carrier mode alone with a new “global transfer system” that makes the search for a new player more than difficult. Furthermore you can play also a classic game or the competition mode with some friends.
I think the game is a good continuation for the famous FIFA serious. But on my mind the game has many bugs and the new engine makes some game unfair because sometimes the football players don’t hear of the player.

League of Legends
League of Legends is a Multiplayer Online Battle Arena game published and developed by “Riot Games”. It was published in October 2009 and it is a “Free to Play” game that means you don’t have to pay for it. With around 25 million players it is currently the most played game in the world.

In League of Legends you can select your favorite champion to fight against other people online. In “Classic” fight two teams with 5 people in each team against. Every Champion has 4 individual special attacks to kill the enemy champion or support the own team. The main target is to destroy the enemy base with your own team. When you win you get points. With these Points you can buy new champions.

On my mind it is rightful the most played game currently.
League of Legends

Computer games, Luise, Gesa and Valentine (Germany)

Bomberman 3

You can find the game on the website: Spieleaffe.
Bomberman is a game for everyone.
With the arrow keys you can control the Bomberman and with the space bar you can place a bomb.
You have to cleave a way with bombs and try to kill the enemies. You can collect different items on your way, for example to become faster. Those can help you to win the game.
You can play alone or in pairs.

Curve fever

You can find the game on the website:
It’s a game for every age.
You play a line which you can control with the arrow keys, but you have to be careful not to touch your own line or the lines of the enemies.
You can collect items to weaken your enemies or to help you win, for example slow them down.
You can play this online with your friends, with strangers or together at one keyboard.


You find the game on the website:
Online chess has the same rules like the real chess. You can play chess alone or with your friend. You must choose a color, black or white, and then you can play. But you’ve got a time limit.